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For those who are passionate about everything they do, passionate to discover the most beautiful and exciting things you can find on earth.
WINEforTALENT is here to bring you one of the best things man and nature can produce together : Wine. The best wines that you can find on earth: the Grands Crus Classés (GCC) from the Bordeaux region.

Almost as old as civilisation itself, wine was first described in the Bible with Noah as the first man to drink wine – he was even given to drinking a little too much! Wine then went on to become the noble drink of the Jewish people.

During Greek antiquity (5th and 4th centuries B.C.) and Roman antiquity (3rd century until 5th century A.D.), wine became the drink of gods symbolized by Dionysos and Bacchus and therefore the drink of civilisation in the ancient western world.

Dionysos and Akme

The first wine-drinkers

The Roman Empire greatly developed the vineyard regions of what is now France and especially the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions.

This development continued with the coming of Christianity to Europe, especially as wine is the symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ and is used in religious services. This is one of the reasons why wine consumption spread all over Europe during the Middle Ages. Another reason, and not the least, is that wine is good and people loved it!
For these reasons the English imported it from France as they were unable to produce it themselves in sufficient quantities.

Wine Way

From Bordeaux to London

The history of wine in the Bordeaux region and why this region became so important is directly linked to the history and civilisation of the region itself. When the future king of England, Henri Plantagent married Alienor of Aquitaine, so started more than three centuries of English rule in the Bordeaux region (from the mid 12th century to mid 15th century).

Thousands of merchant ships travelled from Bordeaux to London; by far the biggest maritime traffic Europe saw in medieval times. These ships carried so much wine that the unit used to measure a ship’s capacity soon was measured in the number of wine barrels it could hold. This unit is still used today.

THE GCC (Grands Crus Classés) WINES

From Antiquity, throughout the Middle Ages up until Modern times in Europe, Bordeaux wine producers have strived to develop the quality of the wine of their region. Bordeaux is now considered to produce the greatest number of truly exceptional wines with the Grands Crus Classés (GCC) wines being unequalled. Among the 9,068 Bordeaux Châteaux wines, there are only around one hundred Grands Crus Classés.

Bordeaux appellations map

Bordeaux appellations map


Why start a fine Wine collection ?

- Simply for a pleasure that can be shared with family, friends, and business partners. You will regale your guests at birthday parties, and wedding and business banquets.

- As a long-term gift for when your children reach adulthood.

- As an investment. The en primeur GCC wines you can acquire through WINEforTALENT increase in value at an average rate of 1% per month for 36 months after acquisition.

- If you keep your wine even longer, then the effect of rarity can increase its value even further.

- Wine can be delivered directly to you or you can choose to leave the wine to mature in dedicated warehouses in Bordeaux (France) or Geneva port-franc (Switzerland) in a perfect environment for the conservation and maturing of wine. You can then decide to sell part of it, or consume or sell all of it.

Watch the performance of GCC Wines over the last 5 years

GCC Wines as investment

One of the best ways to start a wine collection is by acquiring en primeur Grands Crus Classés wines. En primeur wines are sold 8 months after the grape harvest (in October) and are delivered after a delay of 22 months after acquisition.
En primeur wines need to be matured for at least 5 years before consumption. WINEforTALENT will make the proper acquisitions for you at market price.

Why buy en primeur GCC Wines?

To access the best wine in the world at the best price with the potential to increase your investment by an average of 40% over 5 years.

→ The ideal commitment is for 3 campaigns according to the following schedule :

1st campaign :

◊ Purchase in May 2014

◊ Delivery in April 2016

♦ Delay: 22 months

2nd campaign :

◊ Purchase in May 2015

◊ Delivery in April 2017

♦ Delay: 22 months

3rd campaign :

◊ Purchase in May 2016

◊ Delivery in April 2018

♦ Delay: 22 months

GCC Wines to savour now

If you wish to acquire wine to drink straightaway WINEforTALENT will also enable you to acquire deliverable wines at market price. Deliverable wines are at least 5 years old and are acquired on the Bordeaux market.

- Building up your cellar on your behalf with the advice of our wine expert and fully respecting your choices and goals.
There are two options :

1- En primeur GCC wines acquisition (link)

- Online connection to your cellar :
Once your cellar has been constituted, you will be able to view it 24/24 - 7/7 (except during server maintenance) via your smartphone, tablet or computer using your WINEforTALENT account, protected by login and password.
WINEforTALENT gives you direct access to your wine portfolio detailing the number of cases of wine you bought, their labels, their acquisition price, their current market price, and their performance.

2- Deliverable GCC wines (link)

- Management of all the logistics concerning :

* the storage of your cellar in Europe and on request, the selling or buying of wine.

* the shipping of your wine to your country.

- Selling / buying your GCC collection according to your wishes and market opportunities.

- Organisation of private Châteaux visits with wine tasting and fine dining in the GCC country.

- Organisation of private events with wine tasting and fine dining in exclusive settings (such as the French Diplomatic Residence) in your own country.

Our vision is one of a long-term relationship. We will manage your cellar and associated services as we would our own wine portfolio enabling you to fully enjoy your wines and the age-old “savoir vivre à la française”!

WINEforTALENT provides a full and complete service to care for your Wine. You can therefore be assured of its well-being and safety with complete peace of mind.

Just as good wine needs to be matured over a long period of time to reach the optimum moment to be tasted, we are strong believers in establishing long-term relationships with our partners. WINEforTALENT is therefore all about people: yourself and a team of three experts specialized in all aspects of wine, marketing and online information. Like you, we are all wine lovers and are fully committed to providing you with a continued and long-term partnership.

... and ... use their full expertise to ensure that the composition of your cellar of GCC wines totally suits your needs according to all your wishes: taste, brand, price, potential capital gain, etc. Jean-François ensures that everything goes smoothly concerning all aspects of your GCC acquisition and the ensuing management of the wine; giving you complete peace of mind and making the entire process worry free.

The Team


Wine merchant, expert and specialist of all the GCC.


Start-up developer and investor specializing in wine, fashion and the wood industry,...

Jean-François de Maulmin

Online information specialist, groupon style manager of country products in Paris area, 4 years working in Asia.


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